Shibz Performers is a product of Shibz Events Ltd that brings a touch of all the regions of Uganda by exhibiting more than two dances from all regions of the country colorfully decorated and magnificent custom designed to amplify the dance movements. Here are some of the dances we can offer during your event;

Nankasa, Bakisimba, MuwogolaThis comes from the Buganda region – Central Uganda. It is a royal dance that displays the beauty of women in Buganda and the fact that they are the most relaxed women in the world.

Runyege, Entogoro
Is a courtship dance from Bunyoro and Toro in Western Uganda. Through this dance, participation of young men and women of Bunyoro and Toro were able to win themselves partners for marriage by dancing beautifully and men (boys) skillfully producing beautiful rhythms out of the rattles (binyege) tied on the men’s legs where the dance also gets it name.

This is a royal dance from Buganda – Central Uganda. It was formed for the purpose of entertaining a young King and has movements made to this effect. It used to be performed by the Mashroom clan and to date, this vibrant royal dance is performed for the King.

This is a royal dance from Acholi in the Northern part of Uganda. It displays an excellent manipulation of rhythms that Uganda can offer in both the dances and accompanists.

It comes from Ankole in Western Uganda. The Banyankole are cultural pastoralists and their best friend is the cow. They depend on its products in all aspects of life. This dance depicts movements made by these beautiful long horned cattle and sing to imitate the sounds made by these cows.

This is a ceremonial dance from the Bakiga of the South Western Uganda. These people stay in the mountainous part of Uganda which is believed to be the coldest part of Uganda. Looking at its energy, one is tempted to think that it was a result of finding a lasting solution to the coldness to their bodies.

This is a processional or ceremonial dance from West Nile performed among the Aruru speaking people. The dance gets its name from Agwaras – African trumpets that are used to accompany the dance.

Otwenge /Adungu
This is a contemporary dance from north western Uganda. It borrows its origin from DR Congo. The dance is mainly performed by youth by the youth as of excitement for the youth as part of excitement for their amusement.

Ding ding
This is a children’s play dance from Acholi in northern Uganda. It is performed for the purpose of play and self amusement for the children and its mainly performed by only young girls.